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Sports Cars of the Future: 2013 Porsche 918 Spyder

In the biggest surprise of the recent Geneva Motor Show, Porsche pulled the cover off the 918 Spyder, a 2-seat supercar that’s both green and mean. How green? Well, driven accordingly, the 918Spyder gets 78 mpg, says Porsche, with low CO2 emissions. And how mean is it? The 3285-lb. carbon-chassis 918 hits 62 mph in less than 3.2 seconds, says Porsche, and has a top speed of 198 mph. A V-8 with more than 500 bhp is mounted ahead of the rear wheels, augmented by front and rear electric motors that add an extra 218 hp to the mix, fed by a lithium-ion battery pack. With a pure electric mode and a rear-biased race mode, the 918 Spyder really is green and mean, and it has real production possibilities. Don’t believe us?

A prototype recently lapped the Nürburgring in less than 7 minutes 30 seconds (that’s quicker than the hallowed Carrera GT), proving it does more than just look pretty on the show stand.

The New Jaguar XKR-S – Tech Specification and Features

The Black Pack models will be available in Ultimate Black, Polaris White or Salsa Red and boast eye-catching 20-inch gloss black Kalimnos alloy wheels. Further gloss black finishing is applied to the window surrounds, front grilles and side Power Vents. Optional red painted brake callipers contrast strongly with the black alloy wheels, while body coloured front and rear spoilers and boot lid finisher round out the package. Customers also have the option to apply a sweeping ‘XKR’ side body graphic that runs along the door sills.
Jaguar debut recently and dramatically from the supercharged Jaguar XKR Coupe 2010 Geneva Motor Show. Amazing new Jaguar Special Edition XKR offers maximum speeds are significantly higher – 174 mph (280 kmh) – and daring exterior design changes that created the final supercharged Jaguar. Special edition Jaguar XKR combines a number of new features and option packages are introduced in the XK range of 2011 model year. Jaguar customers have the option to customize your vehicle, based on existing packages 2011 New Jaguar XKR to offer cars that offer better performance without sacrificing improvements and luxury that characterize every Jaguar.

The stunning new Jaguar XKR Special Edition delivers a significantly raised maximum speed – 174mph (280km/h). Now, in Special Edition guise, the Jaguar XKR’s top speed climbs significantly from an electronically limited 155mph (250km/h) to 174mph (280km/h) thanks to the addition of the Speed Pack. Allied to that remarkable engine is an advanced six-speed automatic transmission with steering-wheel mounted paddles, lightweight aluminum body structure and a range of computer-controlled systems including Active Differential Control and Adaptive Dynamics that ensure the supercharged car accelerates even faster.

Although the velocity rose significantly, the new Jaguar XKR remains economical in fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. Thanks to the combination of excellent powertrain efficiency and the Jaguar XKR’s advanced lightweight body architecture, its fuel economy is comparable to the previous generation of Jaguar XKR – despite the significant increases in power and performance.

Introduced in 2009, the Jaguar XKR has a prior art 5.0-liter supercharged AJ-V8 engine offers a Gen III R 510PS (510bhp SAE), 625nm torque and push a coupe to 60 mph in just 4.6 seconds. But apparently Special Edition, the maximum speed, electronically rises far Jaguar XKR Limited 155 mph (250 kph) to 174 mph (280 kmh), with the addition of the speed package. Combined with sophisticated engine is remarkable six-speed automatic transmission with steering wheel mounted paddles, light aluminum body structure and various computer-controlled system for active differential control and dynamic adaptation to ensure the acceleration of the supercharged car is still faster, even more precise handling and set a new standard driving and comfort.

Jaguar XKR benefits from a light but rigid and strong forward all aluminum body was recognized. This not only brings a dynamic architecture for the benefit of torsional rigidity, it also offers safety and accident repair functions very well and provides an ideal base to improve overall performance – including optimized fuel economy and CO2 emissions. With the combination of the propulsion system efficiency and excellent lightweight Jaguar XKR advanced body architecture, fuel economy compared with the previous generation Jaguar XKR – despite significant gains in power and performance.

Cadillac confirmed Lambda-based Crossover

 It’s not the first time we hear about a 7-passenger crossover, but this time it’s decidedly official. Cadillac has confirmed a large crossover based on the GM’s Lambda platform architecture. This was the same platform used for the Buick Enclave, Chevrolet Traverse, and GMC Acadia.

In a recent interview Karl Stracke, the automaker’s vice president of global engineering, said that a Lambda-based Cadillac crossover is absolutely a go.

And while we have a confirmation on the reveal, the rest is simple speculation. The exterior design will be inspired by the Cadillac XTS Platinum concept unveiled this year in Detroit. The exterior will see vertical headlamps and taillights packed with LEDs and integrated light pipes along with long, flowing body lines as seen in the concept. Under the hood there will be a direct-injected 3.6-liter V6 with turbocharging.

2012 chevrolet corvette C7

If you like Corvettes, this is going to make you smile. Fresh out of bankruptcy court, General Motors announced its two-year product plans for Chevy, Caddy, Buick and GMC. Included are go codes for the new C7 Corvette. The plan is to introduce the C7 in April of 2012 as a 2013 model — a big improvement over the old plan to not reinvent the Corvette until 2014. Let’s just state this up front — almost nothing at all is known about the new Corvette. It appears as if plans for a mid-engine Corvette have been put aside. Like all Corvettes before it, the C7 will feature an engine up front driving the wheels out back. Other than that…

The rumors are that the C7 will be smaller and lighter than the current welterweight C6. There’s talk of using more advanced materhals like carbon fiber, aluminum and magnesium as well as smaller engines. Calm down, calm down — as the ZR1 showed us, less displacement doesn’t always mean less power. Especially when a positive-displacement Roots-type supercharger’s in the mix. There’s chatter that the C7′s design might be based on the Stingray Concept from the 2009 Chicago Auto Show, but we’re hoping it’s not. More details as they become available.